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There are different surfaces that can be used for patios aswell as the surfaces which are commonly used for driveways. Depending on which look you are trying to achieve flagstones and decorative aggregate are very popular. Below is some more information and photos of patios to help you with your patio paving ideas, there is endless choices and designs that can give fantastic results, whether a traditional or modern look.

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Flagstones Patio

Flagstones and Slabs

Flagstones are available in an extensive range of options, inlcuding natural stone, limestone, sandstone and travertine. The best part of this type of paving is every batch is unqiue as its a natural product, with texture and colour determinded by natural processes.

Flagstones are storng and hardwearing and make an area really come to life. The range of patterns can be mixed together such as a circle design within a sqaure patio. Flagstones also add that feel of quality and tradional york stone has an imediate weathered appearence making it ideal if you are looking to create immediate sence of age and maturity.

Block Paving Patio

Flagstone Slabs Patio

Slab Stone Patio


Patio paving is definitely a task that a do-it-yourselfer can take on. Both the job difficulty and price greatly will depend on the type of paving material that you choose.

Choosing Materials

There are three main types of paving available to choose from when beginning a patio paving job. These materials are:
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete and
  • Paving stones (this includes: brick, travertine, concrete pavers and other natural stones)
In regards to ease-of-installation paving stones will be the easiest, followed by concrete, then asphalt. Paving stones can be laid by hand, concrete requires wood and meshing to help hold the liquid in place while pouring and asphalt, at times, require machinery and therefore may be best done by a professional.
Not only are paving stones the easiest of the three to install, but they are more versatile and resistant to earthquakes. Paving stones are laid in sand, which allows them mobility (especially during an earthquake) and in turn cracking is very rare. If a paving stone is damaged, only the damaged stones need to be replaced.

Pricing Matters

If focusing on prices while patio paving, your cheapest option will be concrete, which costs about £3.70 per square foot. Travertine or bluestone patios will cost you about £13.50 to £17.20 per square foot and your most expensive option would be setting natural stones in concrete. This costs, on average, £36.90 per square foot.

Preparation is Key

When beginning a patio paving ideas and thinking of a job it is very important to have the area prepared beforehand. This includes breaking apart and removing your existing patio (if you have one) and removing any and all debris. You should also be sure that the surface you will be working with is level.
Research is key for a project such as this as there are a number of options available for paving materials. Creativity can also go a long way when paving a patio. Look for ideas everywhere in order to achieve the look you want for your custom patio. 18th March 2011.


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