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Driveway Paving Ideas -

If you are looking for paving ideas to give you some information and help you decide on your new paving project then you have found the right website. You will find details of all the different types of surfaces that are available, which can include block paving, tarmac and imprinted concrete. Each of these surface types and advantages and disadvantages and this is where this website can help, and hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration for your patio, driveways or paving area!

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Firstly ask yourself the following questions:

What will the area be used for, cars or heavy vans?
Do I want a traditional or modern look and feel?
How much have I got to spend, what is my budget?
Will there be wheelchairs or buggies with wheels?
Is there any drainage issues, does my drive slope?
Do I require a low maintenance and easy to look after area?

Block Paving

Block Paving

  • Highly durable and attractive
  • Many diffferent colours, textures and stlyes available
  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • Can mix with other paving types, such as tarmac
  • Can create features and patterns
  • Different block thicknesses depending on usage
  • Can create a modern and/or traditional look and feel
  • Blocks can be used to provide a very smooth finish

Block paving has become very popular over recent years and is the main growth area in the UK. The price of the blocks has been reduced due to mass production and a stunning driveway can be created whilst getting value for money. Ideal for driveways, patios and pathways and can be sealed to protect the surface. Some maintenance is required to keep clean and weed free. For more photos for your paving ideas visit this page, click here.

Block Paving Driveway
Classico Fleur-De-Lys Pattern in all different shapes and sized cobbles.
Block Paving
Silver Haze is most popular for modern and stylish looks & features..
Block Paving - Regency Drives Ltd Portfolio
Straight rigid block paving with curved and slabbed block paving steps.
Aura Block Paving
Close up of traditional cobble stones the ideal rough and old looking paving stone.
Tarmac with Block Paving
Block Paving can prevent tarmac from looking plain with this circle feature.
Cobble Block Paving
This block can be used to add texture to any area and whole driveway..

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  • Maintainence is very low
  • Looks appealing, very decorative
  • Weed free and resistant to car oils and stains
  • Many colours, styles and patterns available
  • Modern or traditional styles
  • Can look like real bricks or stones
  • Can be slippy in wet weather
  • Long lasting and very cost effective

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is very common and one of the most popular decorative stamped concrete techniques used in the UK. It is often also known as stamped and pressed concrete. Probably the surface that needs the least attention as it is very low maintenance, and the final top seal means it is weed free and stain resistant.

Ideal for many areas including driveways, patios and pathways as it is available in many styles. You can create the the look of stones, cobbles, brick and slate as the process means the freshly layed concrete is stamped with whichever sytle and pattern that you want. More paving ideas here.

Imprinted Concrete

Imprinted Concrete - Regency Drives Ltd Portfolio

Grey slate imprinted stamped concrete witha glass sealed finish.
Imprinted Concrete
Teracotta different shaped diagnol rectangle pattern with a grey brick border.
Concrete Driveway
Slate grey rectangle printed concrete running square to the house.
Circle Imprinted Concrete
Circle feature of pattern imprinted concrete which is in the middle of drive.
Stamped Concrete Steps
You can create any feature, these steps lead from the driveway to a pathway.
Flower bed in middle
Why not have a flower bed in the middle of the driveway paving.

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Tarmac Paving Ideas

  • Very hard wearing and long lasting (used for roads)
  • Available in different colour surfaces, inc. red
  • Ideal for driveways and paths
  • Can be mixed with block paving
  • Flat surface, ideal for wheelchairs and buggys
  • Can be cheaper than other surfaces
  • Faster overall laying time

Tarmac will provide the ideal surface for most driveways, if it is going to have heavy usage then tarmac has the properties required which is why it is used on most roads. It will provide a flat surface with sufficient 'grip' in most conditions.

Tarmac is the trade name of tarmacadam which is also known as asphalt. Consisting of tar and broken stone it is naturally a dark coloured, bituminous material and can be laid on almost any surface with the right preparation.

Find more photos for your paving ideas by clicking here.

Visit Visit Visit
Tarmac Driveway

Tarmac Paving
Tarmac Driveway Paving

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What about crazy paving?

A new type of paving that is very easy for those who want to tackle the job on their own is called ‘crazy paving.’  Although this form of paving is new in terms of actual categorization, people have been doing their own crazing paving for years since the practice includes taking stones that vary in size and cut and look to be broken pieces of rock and concrete and placing them roughly into a pathway. 

Most people choose this method because they think it will be cheap, but in truth when creating crazy paving from scratch it can be more expensive given that it takes more labour and a great deal more planning to get an end result that fits well together.

However, by taking the time to properly lay down crazy paving designs jointing and mortar can be minimized so that the focus is on the unique broken designs of the paving material instead o the actual construction materials.  It is best to avoid using mortar as much as possible when laying this type of paving because mortar is considered the weakest part of the structure so the less there is, the greater the longevity of the crazy paving ideas. 13 March 11.

The costs of driveways paving:

The costs incurred when it comes to driveways paving depends on a number of factors. First of all, there is the groundwork to consider. If one material on a driveway is being substituted for another, there may have to be some digging and destruction of the original surface. If paving slabs are replacing a material such as tarmac or concrete, there will most likely be a need to dig up the original surface. There are a number of reasons for this.

First of all, when it comes to driveways paving, tiles or slabs may not sit well on top of the original structure. This will lead to instability over the new surface. Driveway paving relies on a tightness between the paving stones in much the same way that an arch’s bricks rely on the cornerstone and its related bricks to hold the arch in place.

However, driveways paving also requires a bedrock or substrate beneath it that serves to maintain the surface. If one surface is being replaced by another, this sub soil of gravel and stone may already be in place. If it is not, it will have to be laid down. Surface removal may also involve digging up a lawn. In the event of all surface replacement, there will be drainage issues. Environmentalists often declare that many flooding problems could be obviated or at least mitigated if people still had lawns instead of paving today. Drainage is another reason for the removal of the previous surface. The new driveways paving surface will need to adhere to certain basic rules – often laid down in planning law – regarding the damp resistance level of the building and foundations to which it will be laid against as a driveway. Retaining walls and edgings may also have to be laid to enable drainage. 22 September 2011.



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