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Paving Ideas For Small Gardens -

For the modern and active family, the garden is an important a living space as any other – perhaps even more so in many examples. A well designed and attractive garden serves as far more than simply a decorative addition to a home, providing play areas for children, relaxation areas for the whole family and perhaps area of staggering beauty for the avid green-fingered amateur. The one thing that is for certain is that family gardens of any size and shape have the potential to be transformed into quite stunning outdoor spaces with the necessary level of inspiration and professional skill – which is where the landscape gardening service comes into the matter.

It would be fair and accurate to assume that all families and homeowners across the board have their own garden ideas as to what their perfect small garden would look like – the difference with the professional is that they actually have the skills and means at their disposal to see such dreams brought to life. Professional landscape gardeners have made it their life to make the very best of any amount of space available, regardless of how little that may be, in order to focus on what exactly matters most to the family in question. As such, whether the garden is to be a sanctuary for relaxing escape, a high-action play area for kids, an outdoor workshop for intensive projects or perhaps a combination of several elements, simply convey the vision or basic desires to the professional in order to begin the realisation of dreams in quite spectacular style.

Furthermore, as family life is seldom the most simple to organise or arrange at the best of times, professional agencies coming into a family environment will always guarantee the very minimum of disruption so as to allow family harmony (or otherwise!) to continue undisturbed throughout the landscaping process.

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Garden Pond Paving
The use of slabs creates a real square, solid look and the effect of floating slabs is very effective and different.

This is very unusual but creates that extra patio like space but in the middle of the lawn but looks great.

Imprinted concrete complex design with a circle pattern and main stone feature in the middle.

Circle brick water feature with stones in the middle and a marble ball with is the output for the water.
Pattern concrete garden step next to patio doors.
Pattern imprinted concrete garden paving with a slight step design upto the back garden door.
Swimming pool with imprinted concrete around the adge and some steps.
If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your garden then imprinted concrete can be the ideal choice.
Grey stone garden flagstones slabs.
Large area with large garden slabs/flasgstones in a light grey slate colour providing low maintenance solution.
Garden flagstones close up to show the texture and style
Close up of flagstones which give a traditional look and feel to the garden and blend well with a weathered look and feel.


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